Varident - reliable supplier
High quality, competitive price, wide assortment

Since over 10 years we provide clinics, hospitals, medical academies, private surgeries and laboratories with small dental - prothetic equipment.

We are the authorized representative of

  1. german company HAGER & MEISINGER, the leadest producer of dental burs, surgery burs, cutters and other rotary instruments.
  2. HLW - Instruments (Germany) wide assortment of dental and surgery instruments
  3. RÖDER - the manufacturer of the highest quality mouth mirrors


We also represent the company Diadent International Group - leading developer and manufacturer of the highest quality endodontic products.


The second branch  is veterinary equipment, with the leading products of Teledart, complementet with equipment for catching, restraining and transportation of the animals.

We also export the medical equipment, disposable medical products, medicines and other.
We invite to collaboration polish producers of medical equipment interested in selling their products to foreign markets.